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Happy New Year!

Whether you are new to this space, or a returning client, welcome!

Please take a few minutes to explore our website and familiarise yourselves with our updated Offerings, About Us information, and Blog. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Chloe using the information here.

Our latest developments are:

  • Our weekly Saturday Yoga classes at Biota in Harmony in East Victoria Park have begun!  To purchase a Casual or Multi-Class pass, visit our Events, Classes & Workshops section here!

  • Chloe has launched her new Seasonal Celebration Circle series! The first Circle gathering will celebrate Lughnasadh, and is set to occur on Sunday January 31st from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Details can be found in the Events, Classes & Workshops section here!

Our Offerings

At Sacred Hearth, we specialise in the integration of a wide variety of therapeutic Bodywork, Energywork, Yogic and Meditative practices. This integrative approach is designed to address Mind, Body and Spirit collectively, facilitating Holistic Healing through the cultivation of Mind-Body-Spirit Awareness and healthy Self-Care practices.


The Offerings listed below are containers for our uniquely tailored, integrative therapeutic practices.


Along with these, we also offer 15-minute Wellness Consultations.

These are short clarity calls held by phone or Zoom that allow us to learn a little about your Mind-Body-Spirit wellness journey so far, identify your needs and therapeutic preferences, clarify your intentions, and discuss which therapeutic options will best suit you, and how they may benefit and support you on your wellness journey.

These calls are free for all new clients and can be booked using the contact information here.


(One-on-One, In-Person, currently only available to existing clients & direct referrals)

Remedial Massage is a form of therapeutic Bodywork that aims to restore soft tissue function by reversing or stopping environmental damage. This practice aims to assess, treat (remediate), manage and prevent soft tissue dysfunction through Deep Tissue work, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, and assisted stretching.

Private Health Fund rebates are available for this therapy to those who have Remedial Massage cover.

(One-on-One, In-Person, currently only available to existing clients & direct referrals)

Holistic Healing is an integrated approach to our one-on-one  Bodywork, Energywork, Yoga, and Meditation sessions. These sessions are constructed by choosing and combining practices and techniques from across all our modalities in order to support and address all aspects of your Being - Mind, Body, and Spirit - collectively, rather than individually.

The structure of each session is varied and unique as it is determined by your intentions, your presenting condition, and your personal preferences. 

(One-on-One, Pairs, & Public classes, Online & In-Person)

Our Yin Yoga, and Hatha Yoga classes are particularly special to us, as they are guided by a teacher who is also a highly skilled Remedial Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. Chloe draws upon her extensive knowledge in Body-Mind-Spirit healing to infuse each class with elements of Sound, Energy and Bodywork. 


These classes are being offered as Private One-on-One and Pairs sessions, and we now have three Public Classes available each week! These can be found in the Events, Classes & Workshops section here.

(One-on-One, Online, available to all)

Distant Healing is an Energywork based practice, either performed live online via Zoom so that you may participate in the treatment process, or conducted in your absence with all insights, video/audio recordings, or photos of the session forwarded to you upon completion. 

These sessions can include Reiki, Sound and Crystal Healing, Yoga, Meditation, and Intuitive Guidance. Like our Holistic Healing sessions, the structure of a Distant Healing session is determined by your intentions, presenting condition, and personal preferences.

(One-on-One, Online, available to all)

Our Guided Meditation sessions can be thirty or forty-five minutes long, and are offered in bundles of 3, 6, or 9 sessions.

These sessions are designed to provide you with guidance and support as you develop your own personal meditation practices. Each session includes a short consultation to clarify your intentions and goals, a guided meditation, and a closing discussion to ensure you are benefiting from the practice, and to answer any questions you may have relating to your meditation or spiritual practices. 

(Currently in development, One-on-One mentoring, Pairs, or Group Workshops)

Chloe is developing a series of workshops and special events to support your personal, spiritual, and professional development. These will include Massage and Self-Healing workshops, Sacred Circle Events, Seasonal Celebrations, and her first range of Reiki Training Workshops!


From First Degree to Master Teacher, if you have ever been interested in learning the practice of Reiki, or continuing your Reiki journey, you will want to watch this space!

"I highly recommend this amazing lady with healing hands!"

— Raquel K

If you are interested in booking a Wellness Consultation, Healing Session, or Yoga class, have questions or concerns regarding treatment options and availability, or you can't find/aren't sure what you're looking for, then please use the contact details below to reach out to Chloe directly.

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