Our Name

To understand the symbolic significance of our name, and to fully receive its energetic transmission, it is important for you to understand the ancient practical and spiritual significance of the hearth.


For centuries, the hearth featured at the very centre of every home, town hall, and temple of worship, and was highly regarded – both literally and symbolically – as the heart of all home, family, and community life, inspiring the familiar adage “hearth and home”.


Deeply honoured as a sacred space responsible for supporting and sustaining all life within the home, the hearth provided light and warmth, facilitated the preparation and cooking of food, enabled the creation of various tools, provided a safe space for families and communities to gather, and served as an altar where offerings were placed. Many ancient polytheist cultures (particularly those of Egypt, Greece, Rome, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia), believed the hearth was governed by a Goddess who ensured security, safety, and abundance within the home, family, and wider community, therefore it was always tended to with great care, intention and reverence.


With the advancement of modern society, the hearth has lost its cultural significance and is no longer present at the heart of every significant structure or afforded the same level of honour and devotion as it once was. However, it has not lost its symbolic potency. Our name, along with our studio, is an activation, serving as both a transmission of, and attunement to, the ancient and sacred energies of the hearth by honouring and embodying its traditional symbolism as a homely and comforting place of light, warmth, nourishment, creation, family, community, and reverence, and its spiritual symbolism as a reflection of the creative spark of existence that resides within all; the heart of Being.


When you attend a healing session, class, or workshop at Sacred Hearth, you are returning home to your Self, to the warmth, comfort, safety, and security within, and tending to that space with the same intention, care and reverence as our ancestors once tended to the hearths within their own sacred spaces.


Welcome to Sacred Hearth.


Welcome home.

Our Purpose, Vision, & Mission 

Our Vision - 

To relieve feelings of tension, pain and disconnection caused by chronic nervous system dysregulation.

Our Mission -

  To ground you into Being, using integrative Complimentary and Holistic wellness therapies that nurture, support and uplift you, facilitating the cultivation of Self-Awareness, deconditioning, and the development of effective Self-Care practices.

Our Purpose - 

To heal the disconnect between Mind, Body, and Spirit within the Health and Wellness industry, and the individual.


Our Core Values

Our core values not only underpin how we operate as a Wellness Studio, but act as a framework for the development of our therapeutic healing practices. Intricately interwoven, we believe these values both facilitate and support true healing and lasting wellness. 

Complimentary & Holistic Therapies

One of our most passionate beliefs is that Mind, Body and Spirit are not separate, and the separate treatment of Mind, Body, and Spirit within the Health and Wellness industry fosters, rather than alleviates, feelings of tension, separation, and suffering.


Complementary means that our healing practices are designed to compliment all other forms and methods of healing, particularly Western Allopathic Medicine, rather than act as alternatives. We believe there is value in all forms of healing, and it is through the combination of therapies, and collaboration between healers, that will best support your health and wellness.


Holistic refers to our belief that the Mind, Body, and Spirit are intimately interconnected, and that an individuals overall health and well-being can only be understood and supported with reference to the whole Self. Our healing practices assess and address all aspects of Being collectively, as opposed to individually, thereby alleviating feelings of tension, separation and suffering, and leading to a deeper, more holistic, healing experience.


It is through the integrated treatment of Mind, Body and Spirit using Complimentary and Holistic Healing practices, that we are able to cultivate feelings of relaxation, connection, and relief, supporting and maintaining true healing and lasting wellness.