Public Yoga Classes

Join Chloe on the last Wednesday of each month at Biota in Harmony for a 90-minute Yin Yoga and Sound Healing experience!

When: 6:30pm to 8pm, last Wednesday of the month beginning July 2021

Where: Biota in Harmony, Unit 13/979 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park

Exchange: $33 (Multi-Class Passes also available)

These sessions are tailored to bring you out of your mind - easing the impact of repetitive and limiting thoughts, beliefs, worries, stresses and anxieties - and back into your body and your natural state of pure being, with the support of restorative Yin Yoga poses, and the mystical healing sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Koshi Windchimes, Handpan, Rain Stick, Drum, Bell, and Rattle.

The intuitive combination of sacred sounds and meditative movement will deepen your healing experience and assist in shifting any stagnant, dense and heavy energy that may be impacting your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. 

As you sink into each supportive shape, witness and soften into your experience without judgement or attempting to change it. Invite the sounds into every fiber and cell of your being. Breathe them into the body and the energetic field, rather than simply listening to them. Open all your senses to the experience and allow both the movements and the sounds to carry you out of the mind and into a pure state of restful being.

These experiences will serve as group healing sessions wherein Chloe may also run energy or offer supportive touch and adjustments throughout the practice. Each attendee will receive a consent card  allowing you to privately notify Chloe as to whether you wish to receive supportive touch during the session.

Upon attending these healing sessions, you are committing to being present with yourself for the entire practice. Please ensure that you are ready and willing to leave all that is not truly you at the door, and ensure that you are open and receptive to the healing being offered. Often, our minds will find ways to keep us from receiving the healing we so desperately need and deserve. If you are interested but experiencing resistance, excuses, nerves or insecurity, understand that these sessions are likely for YOU.

Multi-Class Passes

If you intend to attend multiple classes, we highly recommend exploring our Multi-Class Pass options below!
Once you purchase a pass, the number of classes is credited to your account! To redeem your classes, simply log in before choosing a class, or click 'Redeem Coupon or Package' and enter in your package code.