Complimentary Holistic Healing

To be a healer is to provide therapeutic support and relief from feelings of tension, separateness and suffering


Our Purpose

 Our sole purpose is to hold and support you, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

We are here to provide a warm, nurturing, safe space for you to land when in need of deep healing and restoration, offering gentle guidance and the grounding nurturance necessary for the alchemisation and integration of your experiences. 

With our intuitive, therapeutic guidance and support, you will always land softly; whole, grounded, centered, connected, and ready to move forward with ease, grace, openness and trust.

 to guide you back to your inner naturalness by gently grounding you into your experience, re-connecting you to, and centering you in, the naturalness of your being, through the therapeutic bodywork, energywork, Yoga and meditation practices. 

Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic Benefits of  Bodywork

Bodywork practices, such as massage, should not be considered luxuries that can only be enjoyed on special occasions. Each of these practices has the capacity to play a vital role in the promotion and maintenance of our health and well-being.
Bodywork is an ancient and holistic practice that brings about physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual balance by bringing our awareness to our everyday practices and how they are impacting our bodies, as well as helping us understand the root cause of our physical aches and pains.
Bodywork heals.
Promotes lymphatic flow
Strengthens immunity
Releases physical tension
Detoxifies the body
Clarifies the mind
Improves sleep quality
Balances the nervous system, thereby stabilising mood and calming mind, body and spirit
Stimulates the bodies natural healing processes
Eases aches and pains
Boosts circulation

Pregnancy Massage

Bodywork is where I began my personal healing journey. It is what interested me in the health and wellness industry to begin with. These practices are what helped me rebuild my own sense of body-awareness and intuitive wisdom.
Body-awareness, or body-consciousness, is vital when it comes to understanding ourselves, and how we can heal. The body is an incredible messenger, acting as a bridge that connects all aspects of our Selves. Our daily physical activities, the way we carry ourselves, our physical aches, pains and sensitivities, all have the ability to empower us by alerting us to the imbalances in our lives. Imbalances that are perhaps mental-emotional, or spiritual, in nature. The treatment of the body often addresses or brings our awareness to the root of our dis-ease, allowing us to uproot it. 

Drawing from both Swedish and Ka Huna (traditional Hawaiian) massage styles, Relaxation Massage aims to reduce stress and tension, and promote an overall feeling of relaxation and relief.

Medium to light pressure, and slow, flowing movements are used to facilitate relaxation of the mind, body and spirit, the warming and gentle releasing and relaxing of the muscles, the flushing of metabolic waste from the tissues, and the stimulation and improvement of circulation and immune function.

Consider a Relaxation massage if your goal is simply to rest, relax, and restore, it will have you floating home.

A Personal Note on Relaxation Massage from Chloe: "Relaxation Massage can be highly beneficial if you are willing to surrender to the magic of it. A typical Relaxation Massage follows a set sequence that does not involve deep tissue or trigger point techniques. Relaxation Massage focuses solely on superficial relaxation (unless you count the deeper mental-emotional relaxation you can experience), not on releasing specific areas of tension or targeting joint and muscular conditions. If you are looking for targeted relief, you would be better off booking a Remedial Massage session, but if relaxation is what you are after, then this is the therapy for you.

Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga

Yoga gets you out of your head and into your heart, out of your mind and into your body, out of a state of tension into a state of effortless naturalness.
You'll notice that the benefits listed in the table below are similar to the benefits of Bodywork. These two practices go hand in hand when it comes to the health and wellness of our physical being, but Yoga also surpasses the limits of Bodywork, deepening your relationship with your mind, body, and spirit.
While Bodywork relies on the practitioners knowledge and abilities, the practice of Yoga is personal to you, relying on your relationship with and connection to your own body. During a Yoga class, the true guidance comes from within. The teacher holds the space and offers prompts to facilitate and deepen your practice, but you are the one experiencing the postures, only you can feel and interpret how your body is responding. You make the adjustments, choose the intensity, arrange the props, in response to what you feel you need.
Yoga reconnects us to our innate body-wisdom, repairing our relationship with our bodies (and minds, and spirits) and reminding us that we are capable of knowing what is best for ourselves when we connect within.
Boosts circulation & lymphatic flow thereby detoxifying the body & strengthening immunity 
Improves sleep quality
Releases physical tension, easing aches and pains
Deconditions the mind, body & spirit and facilitates consciousness awakening
Stimulates the bodies natural healing processes, strengthens our intuition, & cultivates Self-awareness 
Easily integrated into daily life, offering not only a physical practice but a lifestyle
Balances the nervous system, thereby stabilising mood, & clarifying & calming mind, body and spirit
Yoga is a personal practice, providing a container for authentic self-expression & self-realisation

Pregnancy massage involves the use of Relaxation massage techniques performed under set up and draping conditions that have been designed specifically for the care, comfort, safety, relaxation and relief of pregnant women.

Extra towels are used for draping the body, and pillows will support the head, tummy, and legs, as you lay on your side. Light to medium pressure is used to provide a relaxing, relieving, and restorative massage experience, although deeper, more specific massage techniques can be used where persistent pain and discomfort is felt.

Pregnancy massage has similar benefits to Remedial and Relaxation massage and should be considered if you are experiencing pregnancy related neck or back pain, poor circulation, fluid retention, muscle cramps or spasms, sciatic pain, constipation, fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, or high blood pressure.

A Personal Note on Pregnancy Massage from Chloe: "There is a lot of conflicting information out there regarding pregnancy massage, so much so that many massage and reflexology practitioners refuse to work on pregnant women. The most important thing to do when seeking pregnancy massage is ensure that you give a detailed medical history (a history of blood clots, miscarriages, or high risk pregnancies are contraindications to pregnancy massage) and to maintain communication with the massage therapist throughout the treatment. If you experience any adverse affects such as dizziness or nausea then it's best to stop the session, drink plenty of water, and avoid getting off the table too quickly or driving immediately following the massage (rest for a few minutes until the dizziness has passed)."

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy uses both physical and metaphysical energies to balance the mind, body and spirit, connecting both client and practitioner to the natural elements of the Earth.

Inspiration is drawn from Kahuna Bodywork, wherein the massage techniques mimic firm yet gentle streams of flowing water, like the steady flow of the ocean. Volcanic basalt stones, naturally smoothed by the action of rivers, streams and oceans, are heated in water before being placed on the body’s key energy points and being used to massage the muscles.

Naturally smoothed stones, as opposed to mechanically polished, retain their energetic connection to the earth and their natural healing geomagnetic properties, increasing their overall therapeutic benefits. The addition of heat enhances the benefits of traditional massage by increasing vasodilation, improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to your cells, increasing waste removal, gently relaxing the muscles by warming the superficial layers of tissue, and providing a deeper sense of relaxation and stress relief. Consider a Hot Stone massage when in need of deep relaxation, to enhance the benefits of regular massage, to connect to the energies of the Earth, and to experience a truly nurturing therapy.

A Personal Note on Hot Stone Massage from Chloe: "This is one of my personal favourites to both give and receive. Hot Stone Massage is magical, I absolutely love it, there's something so ancient and powerful about using heated stones to heal the body. The heat emanating from the stones will not burn you, they need to be cool enough for me to hold and I will never allow them to rest on your bare skin. As they move, it feels as if they are absorbing all your aches and pains, smoothing out every tight knotted muscle, truly taking you out of your mind and into your body."

If you are interested in booking a Wellness Consultation, Healing Session, or Yoga class, have questions or concerns regarding treatment options and availability, or you can't find/aren't sure what you're looking for, then please use the contact details below to reach out to Chloe directly.

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