Distant Healing

One-on-One | Online | 30 to 120 minute sessions 

Distant Healing is an energy-based healing practice that involves the transmission of universal life force energy (Reiki) across time and space for the purposes of healing and restoring balance. Along with Reiki, other energy-based practices such as Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Intuitive Guidance, and card readings (Oracle or Tarot), can be included in a Distant Healing session. These sessions can be conducted live via Zoom, or they can be conducted completely in your absence, with any photos, video or audio recordings, and insights sent to you via email following the session. 
 Distant Healing can be used to support your overall physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual health in the present moment, or directed towards something more specific, such as a memory or past event, or a particular aspect of your healing journey such as inner child work, shadow work, investigating suppressed traumas or wounds, psychological, physical or spiritual deconditioning, or used to assist in letting go of, learning from, or integrating a particular thought, feeling, behaviour, mental story, or past experience.
Below we have included detailed descriptions of the therapeutic practices you may wish to include in your Distant Healing session, and how they may be adapted and integrated to suit your needs.
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Reiki is the basis of every Distant Healing session, and is understood as “universal life force energy”. This energy is everywhere, residing in all things, animating all life. Life force energy nourishes the organs and cells of our bodies, supporting them in their vital functions. This energy also  supports our connection to the rest of existence. When the flow of energy throughout the body is blocked or disrupted, it can affect the overall function of our bodies and minds, and disrupt our connection with Self, community, the Earth, and the Cosmos.

As a healing technique, Reiki operates on the belief that a practitioner may channel this life force energy into a recipient by means of touch, or by working in the energy field surrounding the body. In the context of Distant Healing, it is directed towards the person from a distance using visualisation, or a proxy to represent the person, such as a photo, flower or teddy bear. Reiki then flows through the affected parts of the Body, Mind and Spirit, charging them with positive energy and causing any blockages, disruptions or negative energy to dissipate. This re-establishes the free flow of energy throughout the Being, stimulating the natural healing processes, clearing, purifying, rejuvenating and re-energising the recipient.

Reiki has a similar effect on the Body-Mind as meditation, acting on the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels to relax, calm and clear. Studies have also shown Reiki is effective as part of a pain management regime, speeding up wound healing and recovery time, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress. Reiki is also beneficial if you are feeling scattered, unbalanced, stressed, emotional, blocked, low in energy or fatigued, if you experience difficulty sleeping, are experiencing great change or upheaval, or if you simply wish to relax, clear your mind, raise your vibration, receive Intuitive Guidance, and connect to your Being.​

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