Guidance Counselling

1:1 | In-Studio or Online | 30 to 120 minute Sessions | Typically Booked in Bundles

We have identified a need for space holders in our community, and this "new" session type is designed to offer that space to those who need it, in a 1:1 setting. Our hope is to provide an open and safe space in which to explore one's own experience, and take advantage of any of Chloe's healing modalities, techniques, or life experience for personal growth, or to promote the expansion of one's own self-awareness, self-care practices, and sense of groundedness in Being. 


Guidance Counselling sessions may also include card (oracle or tarot) and rune readings, breathwork and emotional release techniques, and tea/coffee. Each session, how it is conducted, what areas are addressed, and how they are addressed, will be guided by intuition and the needs, preferences, and goals of the individual, and will therefore vary from person-to-person, session-to-session.

Please be aware, Chloe does not hold a Counselling qualification, but draws upon her integrative, complimentary, and holistic wellness knowledge and experience, life experiences, and spiritual practices, to support and hold space for you.

Explore the therapeutic modalities within Chloe's scope of practice here.

Please be aware that all 1:1 In-Studio sessions must be booked directly through Chloe using the contact information here, and we ask that all prospective clients obtain a referral from an existing client or known associate, and submit an Appointment Request and follow the steps found here.