Shamanic Healing

1:1 | In-Studio or Online | 90 to 120 minute Sessions | Pay-By-Donation

A Shamanic Healer is someone who acts as a hollow bone or a bridge between the physical and spiritual, through which spirit flows for the purposes of healing. Founded upon the belief that everything is made of energy derived from the same source, Shamanic Healing works to shift energies that are negatively impacting our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness, and return us to our natural state of pure Being.

A Shamanic Healing Session will typically range from 60 to 90 minutes, and will always begin with a brief consultation to check in and drop in, and conclude with a debrief and aftercare advice to assist with integration. The Healing session itself may include a combination of Ancestral, Past Life, and Inner Child work, Entity Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Sound, Crystal, and Animal Medicine, Movement, Bodywork, Breathwork, and Card or Rune Reading depending on your presenting condition, preferences, and goals or intentions for the session.

All appointment enquiries should be sent directly to Chloe by phone, email, or direct message, using the contact information here.