Therapeutic Yoga

1:1 & Pairs | In-Studio Only | 60 to 120 minute classes | Multi-Passes for Public Classes Available

Yoga is an ancient and intricate system of principles, philosophies and practices that recognise the multi-dimensional nature of the Human Being, viewing the body, breath and mind as a union of these multi-dimensional aspects. The system and various techniques of Yoga work to cultivate a deeper experience of that union, cultivating higher consciousness, and a greater sense of Self-Awareness, health and happiness.


A deep and clear sense of Self-Awareness is what allows us to understand and address our needs effectively. Awareness of our Minds - the thoughts, stories, mental programs and psychological conditionings we carry - our Bodies - their functions, strengths, weaknesses, flexibility, adaptability and the conditionings we carry in our tissues - and our Spirits - the consciousness or awareness residing within all of us. Cultivating this deep connection and intimacy with the whole Self is the true therapeutic magic of Yoga.


Therapeutic Yoga is a personalised 1:1 (or pairs) experience that can include techniques such as static holds and dynamic movements, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation, as well as incorporate therapeutic techniques from other modalities such as Reiki, Massage and Sound Healing. All techniques work to tune out the noise of the external world, and assist you in tuning in to your Self so that you may relax into the present moment, and rest in the naturalness of your Being. With each session you can expect a drop in meditation, gentle mindful movements to warm up the body and continue bringing the awareness into the present moment, Yoga postures, functional movements and stretches, and a final relaxation and closing meditation.


Perhaps you have always wanted to try Yoga, but have felt a little intimidated by the practice, or are unsure of your abilities, or perhaps you have experienced an injury or illness that limits your abilities. Therapeutic Yoga sessions are ideal if you're looking for additional guidance and support to help you develop a personal practice before committing to a studio or group classes, if you're looking for a more personalised Yoga experience, or if you're interested in having elements of Massage, Reiki, and other complimentary therapeutic practices woven throughout the class! These sessions provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment in which you can develop your skills and confidence. You will receive direct guidance and support, and the session will be tailored to suit your unique intentions, needs, abilities and preferences. 

 You also have the option to including a friend, family member or a partner in the session, giving you the same personalised Yoga experience, with the added benefit of sharing the practice with a loved one! Pairs sessions are perfect for beginners looking to start a personal practice together, Yoga lovers interested in introducing their loved ones to the practice, beginners with Yoga loving friends or partners that have been trying to introduce them to the practice, even avid Yogis simply looking for a class tailored to suit their needs and preferences!


Explore the two styles of Yoga we offer here.

Please be aware that all 1:1 (and pairs) In-Studio sessions must be booked directly through Chloe using the contact information here, and we ask that all prospective clients obtain a referral from an existing client or known associate, and submit an Appointment Request and follow the steps found here.