Meet Chloe

Images courtesy of Spanda Yoga School

Chloe Thomas

Chloe is a vibrant, passionate and highly skilled Holistic Bodyworker, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Facilitator, and Sound Healer from Perth, Western Australia.

With her open heart, gentle, down-to-earth and nurturing nature, and warm, comforting presence, Chloe instantly evokes feelings of safety and relaxation, giving you the complete freedom to rest, unwind, unburden, and be yourself, in all your humanness.


After earning her Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2016, and her Diploma of Reflexology in 2017, Chloe became fascinated by the link between our physical wellness, mental-emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness, noting that these three elements were not independent, but intricately interwoven expressions of a greater whole. She felt that the separate treatment of Mind, Body, and Spirit within the Health and Wellness industry had created a disconnect that caused feelings of tension and separation, rather than wholeness and healing.


This realisation sparked a desire to offer a more holistic approach to healing, leading her to pursue further studies in Hot Stone Massage Therapy, Cyclical Living, Sound and Crystal Healing, certificates in Reiki I, II and Masters, Ka Huna Bodywork, and Acupressure, and most recently her Yoga and Meditation Teacher certification.


Now, as a multi-modality practitioner, Chloe intends to guide, nurture, support, and hold space for others on their wellness journeys through the integration of Bodywork, Energywork, Yoga, Meditation, and Intuitive Guidance. Her healing approach is designed to address Mind, Body and Spirit collectively, bringing the Being back into balance, and alleviating feelings of tension and separation.

Chloe's Therapeutic Approach

Chloe's therapeutic approach is based on a Complimentary Holistic Healing philosophy, with the foundational belief that true healing and lasting wellness arise from the aligned union of Mind, Body and Spirit. She aims to guide and support this alignment process with integrated Bodywork, Energywork, Yoga and Meditation practices, thereby addressing all aspects of your Being collectively rather than individually (which fosters further separation and dis-ease).  

We use the terms Bodywork and Energywork to clarify whether a therapeutic practice involves light to no touch (Energywork), or direct pressure and manual manipulation of the physical body (Bodywork), and what the core focus of the practice is (physical or energetic). If you are suffering from a physical issue such as pain, tension, and musculoskeletal discomfort, then you will likely benefit from a Bodywork based session, but if you have no obvious physical concerns, and your condition is more mental-emotional or based in the energetic body, then you will likely benefit from an Energywork based session.

Pressure point massage 2
Child's Pose
Massage Therapy

Bodywork is an ancient and holistic therapeutic practice that brings about physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual balance. The term applies to any therapy or healing modality that focuses on the manual manipulation of the physical body. This practice primarily influences the various systems contained within the physical body (Muscular, Skeletal, Nervous, Lymphatic, Cardiovascular, etc.), and calms the conscious mind. Bodywork helps to re-build our Body-Awareness, or Body-Consciousness, by bringing our awareness to our daily activities, behaviours and practices, and how they are impacting our bodies. This is vital for understanding ourselves, and how we can heal.

The body is an incredible messenger, acting as a bridge that connects the physical and non-physical aspects of Being. Our daily physical activities, the way we carry ourselves, our aches, pains and sensitivities, all have the ability to empower us by alerting us to the imbalances in our lives, imbalances that are perhaps even mental-emotional, or spiritual in nature. Treating the body can directly address, or bring our awareness to and help us understand, the root cause of our dis-ease, allowing us to uproot it. 

Bodywork practices such as massage should not be considered luxuries that can only be enjoyed on special occasions. Bodywork has the capacity to play a vital role in the promotion and maintenance of our health and well-being, and should be considered part of a regular Self-Care routine.

Chloe's therapeutic Bodywork techniques include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Reflexology

  • Polynesian Floorwork, Assisted Stretching & PNF

  • KaHuna Bodywork

  • Yoga


Yoga at Home
Buddhist Cymbals
Reiki Treatment

Energywork refers to any therapy or healing practice that focuses primarily on the energetic body. It operates under the premise that everything in the universe, inanimate or animate, is made up of the same base energetic substance, often referred to as Universal Life Force Energy, and that foundational energy is what brings life to the universe. Energywork is the practice of tapping into that universal life force energy, either by channelling it into the body to promote healing and bring about balance (Reiki), or by using elements such as sound, crystals, or touch to influence the energy within and surrounding an individual for the purpose of healing or bringing about balance.


Although Energywork focuses on the energetic body rather than the physical, many Energywork practices are touch-based. The body is a bridge between the physical and the energetic. Energetic imbalances often express themselves through the physical body to get our attention. Acupressure involves the application of gentle finger pressure to points along the Meridians (energy channels) to effect the energy flow within them, Reiki involves the laying of hands on various parts of the body to channel higher vibrational energy into the body and remove blockages, Reflexology involves the manual manipulation of reflection points found on the hands, feet, and ears that are energetically linked to the various organs and systems within the physical body, even Yoga uses physical postures to open up the energy channels and improve the flow of energy throughout the body.


If you're unfamiliar with Energywork, aren't sure how to sense or interact with your energetic body, and feel uncertain about the healing benefits of energy-based practices, try exploring the touch-based options that will allow you to feel into the physical effects, and use the physical sensations as a gateway to the energetic.


Chloe's therapeutic Energywork techniques include:

  • Reiki

  • Sound & Crystal Healing 

  • Acupressure 

  • Reflexology

  • Yoga & Meditation