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Yoga is an ancient and intricate system of principles, philosophies and practices that recognise the multi-dimensional nature of the Human Being, viewing the body, breath and mind as a union of these multi-dimensional aspects. The system and various techniques of Yoga work to cultivate a deeper experience of that union, cultivating higher consciousness, and a greater sense of Self-Awareness, health and happiness.


A deep and clear sense of Self-Awareness is what allows us to understand and address our needs effectively. Awareness of our Minds - the thoughts, stories, mental programs and psychological conditionings we carry - our Bodies - their functions, strengths, weaknesses, flexibility, adaptability and the conditionings we carry in our tissues - and our Spirits - the consciousness or awareness residing within all of us. Cultivating this deep connection and intimacy with the whole Self is the true therapeutic magic of Yoga.


Chloe's Yoga classes include techniques such as static holds and dynamic movements, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation. These techniques work to tune out the noise of the external world, and assist you in tuning in to your Self so that you may relax into the present moment, and rest in the naturalness of your Being. With each class you can expect a drop in meditation, gentle mindful movements to warm up the body and continue bringing the awareness into the present moment, Yoga postures, functional movements and stretches, and a final relaxation and closing meditation.



Explore the styles of Yoga we offer, as well as our class options and pricing, below.

Yin Yoga

Our minds are constantly kept busy by a world that bombards us with stimuli. We have become so accustomed to this level of mental stimulation that we begin to crave it when things slow down or go quiet, so we search for anything to fill the gaps of silence and stillness with more stuff, more stimulation, more busy-ness. Yin Yoga evolved out of a deep and profound need for more slow, passive, gentle practices to support and balance us in this highly active, fast-paced, Yang world.


Yin Yoga is a beginner friendly, slow, passive and meditative floor-based practice, that incorporates principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with Yogic asana (posture) practice. This style of Yoga is designed to relax and release the deep network of connective tissues throughout the physical body, and stimulate the energy channels woven throughout the subtle body, by applying gentle mechanical stress in a series of poses, held for around 3 to 5 minutes each. These poses often focus on the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine – as these areas are especially rich in connective tissues and can hold many energetic blockages. A wide variety of props (bolsters, blankets, cushions etc.) are used throughout the practice to hold and support the body, and assist in gently opening and releasing the connective tissues.


Connective tissue is a network of fibres, energy and water that pervades the entire body, giving it shape and stability. Ligaments, tendons, fascia, even bones and blood, are made up of connective tissue. Connective tissues require the muscles to relax around them in order to stretch effectively, and they respond best to the application of a slow, steady load, which is why Yin poses are held for so long. By gently stretching connective tissue in this way, the body responds by making it a little longer and stronger each time.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, connective tissue is closely linked to the Meridians (energy channels), Chi (energy) flow, and organ function within the body. The health and quality of our connective tissues has the capacity to determine the health and quality of our thoughts, emotions, physical body, and overall wellbeing. Yin poses stimulate and remove blockages in the connective tissue and related Meridians, thereby improving energy flow, particularly through the internal organs, and balancing the various systems of the body.


One of the key benefits of Yin Yoga is the cultivation of stillness and silence. Most of us are subconsciously craving that busy-ness, filling the gaps present in our day with more doing, striving and achieving. Yin Yoga encourages us to switch off and rest in Being, calming the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for fight-flight-freeze response), activating the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest, repair and digestion) leading to the reduction of stress and anxiety, improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, supporting immune function and the flushing of toxins, lubrication of joints and the release of tension and restrictions in the fascia, improving overall mobility, flexibility and tissue function, and enhanced energy flow throughout the body, balancing the internal organs and supporting overall function of the body. Yin Yoga is ideal for those who are tired and craving energy, or over-stimulated and have too much energy.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha can be understood as Yoga of the body. It is a branch of Yoga that involves the practice of physical postures in conjunction with breath awareness to help develop mental clarity and focus, and unify Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Hatha Yoga Classes are a low-intensity and restorative approach to dynamic Yoga that involve slow, functional movements and gentle static holds. These beginner-friendly classes seamlessly blend various standing, sitting, and flowing postures, into a moving meditation designed to align and calm Body, Mind, and Spirit, balance Yin (passive) and Yang (active) energies, and reconnect you with your Being. We may also explore a variety of concentration, contemplation, and Self-Enquiry techniques throughout the class to gently guide awareness back to its source. Hatha classes predominantly target the muscles, joints and organs of the physical body, using postures and movements to heal, strengthen and energise.


Benefits of a Hatha Yoga practice include increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping the lymphatic system fight infection, relaxation of the nervous system thereby reducing stress and stress-related issues, quieting and relaxing the mind, release of mental-emotional and physical tension, toning, strengthening and lubricating the muscles and joints, particularly the hips and spine, and supporting, improving and maintaining overall functional fitness.


Class Options

Looking for Public Group classes? You can now find them in our Events, Classes & Workshops section here.


Private One-on-One classes are ideal if you're looking for additional guidance and support to help you develop a personal practice before committing to a studio or group classes, if you're looking for a more personalised Yoga experience, or if you're interested in having elements of Massage, Reiki, and other complimentary therapeutic practices woven throughout the class!


Perhaps you have always wanted to try Yoga, but have felt a little intimidated by the practice, or are unsure of your abilities, or perhaps you have experienced an injury or illness that limits your abilities. One-on-One classes provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment in which you can develop your skills and confidence. You will receive direct guidance and support, and the class will be tailored to suit your unique intentions, needs, abilities and preferences.

Chloe's One-on-One Yoga classes range from 60 minutes to two hours (the standard is 75 minutes), and prices can be found here


Like Private One-on-One classes, Private Pairs classes are perfect if you're looking for a more personalised Yoga experience, with the added benefit of sharing the practice with a friend, family member or partner!


These classes are perfect for beginners looking to start a personal practice together before committing to a studio or group classes, Yoga lovers interested in introducing their loved ones to the practice, beginners with Yoga loving friends or partners that have been trying to introduce them to the practice, even avid Yogis simply looking for a class tailored to suit their needs and preferences!

Chloe's Pairs Yoga classes range from 60 minutes to two hours (the standard is 75 minutes), and prices vary depending on the length of the session.

60-Minute Classes ~ $110

75-Minute Classes ~ $130

90-Minute Classes ~ $150

2 Hour Classes ~ $200

If you are interested in booking a Wellness Consultation, Healing Session, or Yoga class, have questions or concerns regarding treatment options and availability, or you can't find/aren't sure what you're looking for, then please use the contact details below to reach out to Chloe directly.

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